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If you ever contemplate on what type or brand of womens flannel shirt with which to slug it out with the winter without necessarily having to wear too much weight, then the Woolrich Women’s Pemberton Flannel Shirt should be a formidable contender. The thousands of American women who collectively spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on this flannel shirt cannot be wrong. From the streets own to the parks, through eateries to the cinemas, one can easily find a woman wearing a Womens Pemberton Flannel shirt in the hopes that its coziness gives here some real comfort against the chill of the weather or some average warth in hot seasons. So what does Woolrich’s Women Pemberton Flannel shirt look like? Let us analyse it forthwith.


This particular type of flannel shirt is made of pure cotton, special buttons and aesthetically appealing colors. Most of the times, the shirt is designed to have long sleeves that are navigated by well-laid seams.


– The fabrics of this particular flannel shirt gives a very warm feeling to the wearer.

– Unlike several other of its contemporaries, Woolrich’s Women Pemberton Flannel shirt is light weigh; making it easy for customers to handle it.

– This particular brand of womens flannel shirt usually comes in various beautiful colors.

– It is pretty much idea for camping, soccer games or leisurely walks.

– The shirt responds well to washing as it does not shrink easily


– There could be a little customers who hate patch pockets at the breast of the shirt.

– Customers who have a bigger than average hip may have to sometimes struggle with the shirts dip which will brush against their hips.

This is pretty much what some of the things you need to know as you decide weather or not to go with a womens flannel shirt. If you asked me, I would say Woolrich’s Women Pemberton Flannel Shirt is the way to go. It’s pros greatly outnumber its cons. Here is the shirt’s Amazon link