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You might have planned to buy this man’s flannel shirt as a
part of Halloween lumberjack costume. Or perhaps you simply always wanted it as
a nice addition to your wardrobe. Whichever the reason, it will be a fashion
investment of your life time.

The OCHENTA’s long-sleeve flannel shirt is firstly colored
in a classic manner, featuring red and black, with a possibility of choosing
other colors. The design doesn’t give you a bulky look, and fits perfectly
according to the body’s shape. You need not have a model-like build, because this
flannel shirt fits perfectly to any size and shape. You can wear over another
shirt, or under the jacket. Whichever you choose, it will look good.

The first look at it may trick you into thinking that this
is a classical stiff flannel but it is not! It is made out of 100% soft-brushed
cotton. The cut is comfortable; it’s a slim fit rather than the regular, wider
type. It doesn’t need to be worn couple of times before fitting around your
body as it should. The fabric is such that it moves the way it needs to from
the first wear. Plus, it’s wrinkle-resistant. A nice touch to its design is the
one chest pocket, which can be very useful as a quick solution for bringing
smaller items with you. The round neck collar looks quite old school, but
doesn’t give you a choking feeling like flannel shirts did before.

Being warm and soft, it will keep you comfortable even in
the coldest days in the winter. The interesting thing is, however seemingly
thin your flannel shirt can be – it will always keep you away from the coldness.
The material feels nice against the skin, but it also keeps the heat inside.
This makes you even more drawn to this high quality model.

The shirt is fashionable, made out of quality material, long
lasting, and above all – warm and comfortable.