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A good
sleep is of great importance when it comes to physical and mental fitness. Many
factors can cause the inability to get a good sleep at night; an uncomfortable
bed sheet is a good factor to be put into consideration. Having the best
flannel sheets, warmth will be provided at night in order to get a good sleep

Pinzon Heavyweight Flannel Sheets are soft, thick (double-napped) and
warm. Its double-napped fabric feature makes it give extra enjoyment and
comfort. They are not too soft but they are comfortable enough. The pieces of
the sheets are tightly packed together. A four-inch hems with a weight of
190-gram are used in sewing the sheets. The pickets of the sheet are very deep (about
17 inches). This means they can fit a 17-inch mattress. These flannel sheets
are of different colours. They are a bit heavier compared to the general
flannel options. This is because a woven and brushed cotton fabric as material
for sewing. Their heavyweight feature makes them durable and able to last
several washes and drying.

Pinzon heavyweight flannel sheets are of good cotton materials and have
an ideal weight. They are comfy and of very high quality. The fibres are lined
up by the combed yarn that runs throughout the fabric. This creates a stronger
and more compact yarn. They keep their softness even after several washings. Pinzon heavyweight flannel sheets are
strongly stitched and they don’t display spots or evident of wear; they are
just plush. They also resist wrinkling, shrinking and fading after several
washings. They are can be washed using machines and no damage will be done to
them. They can also be washed in warm water, and dried in low clothesline in
order to keep the freshness of the fabric

The Pinzon heavyweight flannel sheets are
soft and soothing than other flannel sheets. Before they are marketed, the
sheets are combed thoroughly in order to remove short and uneven fibre
materials that are capable of weakening the yarn or lose its smoothness. Visit
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